Why a Leader Should NEVER Be on Undercover Boss

You probably know the premise of the show, Undercover Boss: the owner or senior executive of a company goes to work, incognito, for a few days in an entry-level position within the organization. Their mission is to get candid feedback from the frontline employees about what is working and not working within the company. While […]

Being an Effective Team Leader Requires Becoming a Great Role Model

A role model is a person whose character, positive behavior and achievements are emulated by others. In the work environment, role models provide a blueprint for others about how they should act and interact with others. Role Models inspire, motivate and encourage Team Members to realize and achieve their own potential. Even though anyone – […]

A Disgruntled & Disengaged Work Force

Gallup’s latest employee engagement survey reveals employee engagement and trust in leadership are at historic lows. In the first quarter of 2024, only 30% of the workforce was engaged. Seventeen percent of employees were actively disengaged (this toxic group constitutes The Working Dead, employees who share their dissatisfaction with their job and dislike for their […]

The Setback Self-Reflection Form

This form is part of the process that enables Team Leaders to: 1.    Acknowledge their setbacks. 2.    Reflect on the actions they took, or did not take, that contributed to those setbacks and 3.    Periodically revisit the lessons they learned so they are less likely to repeat the behavior or actions that contributed to this […]

Colin Powell’s Timing Formula For Making Decisions

As a follow up to my earlier post about Deliberation vs Procrastination, here is how Colin Powell made decisions while serving in the White House: “We do not have the luxury of collecting information indefinitely. At some point, before we can have every possible fact in hand, we have to decide. The key is not […]

“I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.” Woodrow Wilson.

This leadership style generates exceptional results by: 1. Cultivating a work environment of open communication and knowledge sharing by soliciting input and creating the psychological safety necessary for diverse opinions. This fosters a more engaged team, leading to better decision making and innovative approaches. 2. Making leaders master delegators. Leaders who “borrow brains” understand their […]

The Pygmalion Effect

Some Team Leaders treat their subordinates in a positive way that leads to increased performance. But most, unintentionally (unless they are Command & Control Theory X managers then it’s intentional!), treat their Team Members in a manner that leads to lower performance than they are capable of achieving. The way Team Leaders treat their subordinates […]

Resilience Is a Skill Set

Last week I was given the opportunity to share my personal journey of recovery and transformation from a devastating self-inflicted set back, with 9 other speakers, at a Speak Pop-Up Event. BTW: I’ll let everyone know when this impressive event is available for viewing on you tube. The single topic every presenter spoken on was […]

Are You Deliberating or Procrastinating?

If you are a decision maker, this week, and every week of your career you’ll be asked to do the right thing that’s a hard thing. If you are delaying making a decision that has to be made, ask yourself “Am I deliberating or procrastinating?” Deliberation and procrastination are contrasting approaches to making decisions. Here’s […]

Can a Team Leader’s Beliefs Impacts a Team Member’s Productivity?

A Team Leader’s belief in their Team Members is a powerful force and significantly impacts a Team Member’s performance through two psychological concepts: the Pygmalion effect and the Golem effect. Positive Belief Increases Performance: The Pygmalion effect describes how a Team Leader’s high expectations leads to increased Team Members’ performance. This is because when a […]