“I have yet to meet a slow-moving person who is very successful.” Sam Altman, CEO and co-founder of OpenAI

This is the era of speed.  Winners narrow their focus – the multiplier for work- to the, no more than 3, tasks that truly matter and then they quickly execute. They don’t do this for the sake of action, but to significantly move the needle. Once they know the 3 most important things to do, they go into overdrive, executing fast for quick wins and quick corrections.

Speed matters because

  1. It sets the Team’s tempo and is contagious. Others see this action bias being practiced and preached by leadership at all levels and it spreads throughout the organization.
  2. It creates an action bias. It’s easy to deliberate things to death. Rarely does something work flawlessly, regardless of how long its deliberated about.  Attack the Big 3 Tasks fast, with a combo of relevant data and intuition.  Then quickly make the necessary corrections.
  3. It saves time. Daily tasks will consume as much time as is made available to them. Focus on the Big 3 Tasks by acting like today is the last day before beginning a 2-week vacay.
  4. It is essential for increased productivity and is a hallmark of a High Performing Post-Pandemic Work Team.
  5. Speed only kills if a leader is reckless by not having appropriate focus and direction.

As always, your comments and observations are welcome.

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