Attract, Motivate, Engage and Retain Talent

No B.S. Post-Pandemic Leadership Training, Keynotes & Workshops.

Attract, Motivate, Engage and Retain Talent

No B.S. Post-Pandemic Leadership Training, Keynotes & Workshops.

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Attract, Motivate, Engage and Retain Talent

No B.S. Post-Pandemic Leadership Training, Keynotes & Workshops.

Audiences Love Paul!

Audiences Love Paul!

"Paul is a dynamic speaker! He presents with energy and enthusiasm, while displaying a mastery of the subject matter..."
Greg Wittstock
President, Aquascape Designs, Inc.
"Paul spoke to a group of business professionals at our Chamber of Commerce Roundtable Luncheon. His presentation, The 4A’s of Employee Engagement, Retention & Relationship Building, was well prepared, interesting, impactful and contained many helpful ideas and strategies. His presentation style was direct and held the audience’s attention. In a follow up survey, the attendees rated Paul’s presentation a 9.5 out of a possible 10. We will definitely have Paul return."
Carol Levin
PR / Marketing Director - GLMV Chamber
"Paul's presentation on Every Leader Needs a Fool in their Life was riveting. At his conclusion, all 300 of the company's leaders gave him a standing ovation."
Doug York
President at Ewing Irrigation Supplies
"One of the best presentations the GCBAA has had! Having Paul as a presenter will guarantee positive meeting evaluations and fill your audience with ideas and suggestions for future education topics. His experience and ability to relate to the audience keeps them engaged while discussing a sensitive subject matter."
Justin Apel
Executive Director, Golf Course Builders Association of America
Paul Glover - Leadership / Resilience Speaker


Paul Glover

The No B.S. Leadership Legacy Coach, Master Story Teller and Thought Leader. Since my assumption is you’re reading this because you’re seeking a fantastic presenter for your audience, here’s where I impress you enough with my expertise and presenting skills to convince you to schedule a discussion with me (Schedule a Call With Paul) and confirm why you want me entertaining, inspiring and educating your audience.

BTW:I realize providing you information about how good I am at entertaining, inspiring and educating audiences can seem arrogance and self-serving. So, I’ll quote Dizzy Dean, professional baseball player: “It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.” And, rather than do my own “backing up”, I’ll let my audiences do it for me (see Audiences Love Paul!). And I’m so sure your audience will also love me, I offer a No B.S Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that will be the case (see The No B.S. Guarantee!).


Everyone, Especially Leaders, Needs a Fool in Their Life

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Based on my personal experience as a successful trial lawyer who destroyed his career and spent 5 years in Federal prison and my 20+ years spent coaching Executives and business leaders

The Post-Pandemic Formula for Elevating Employee Retention, Engagement & Performance

Discover the significance of meaningful personal and professional relationships and how to foster lasting connections in both spheres.

How to Union-Proof Your Company

Discover why the post-pandemic work environment is providing fertile grounds for union organizers, why employees join a union, and how to union-proof your organization while increasing employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Stop Fearing the "F" Bomb: Failure

Confront your fear of failure and learn why the fear of failure holds leaders back from taking calculated risks, learn to see failure as a springboard for innovation and growth and how reframing “failure” as a learning experience fosters a culture of experimentation and progress.

Creating Sustainable Leadership for Turbulent Times

Keynote on Relationship-Building - Paul Glover

Discover how to navigate constant change and uncertainty, and learn the importance of sustainability and how to create sustainable leadership in any organization.


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Making the Seismic Shift to a "Knowledge Economy"

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