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If You Are Hiring a Leadership Speaker…

You already know your audience wants

  1. A practical and actionable talk
  2. An engaging speaker…and
  3. They also want something NEW
  4. AND you want praise for hiring a speaker who satisfies these 3 wants

That’s what your audience and you will get when you hire me – and I GUARANTEE it!  And, that’s No B.S.!!

Here’s how I’ll not only meet but exceed these 4 wants.
I’ll take… 

  • The personal experience and knowledge I have as an Executive Coach for 22 years and an acknowledged Post Pandemic Thought Leader
  • I’ll work with you to identify your audience’s most-desired outcomes and then I’ll craft a customized presentation and workshop that, combined with powerful storytelling
  • Creates a unique, engaging educational experience, addressing the challenges of your organization when I’m on stage
  • I leave you with a digital playbook to ensure the audience can immediately implement the principles discussed in my presentation.
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Whether it’s a keynote for thousands of people, a breakout that takes the topic to a deeper level, or a half-day deep dive workshop for the leadership team, everyone gets an experience designed for impact – a blend of research, engaging stories, and actionable strategies that deliver real-world value.

Paul is Available for VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON Presentations & Workshops.

Paul Glover - Keynote - Everyone Needs a Fool in Their Life


Everyone — Especially Leaders —
Needs a "Fool" in Their Life

This presentation was created based on my personal experience as a successful trial lawyer who destroyed his career and spent 5 years in Federal prison and my 20 years spent coaching Executives and business leaders.

Oh, did I not mention that I’m an ex-felon? Well, in 1995, I was convicted of a variety of white-collar crimes and sentenced to seven years in a Federal Prison, which destroyed my legal career and nearly destroyed my family.

Prison gave me plenty of time to reflect, and from that reflection, using my personal story, came this compelling presentation which receives standing ovations from every audience.

By the end of this session, participants will understand the importance of having a Fool in their lives who can help them see their blind spots, avoid the destructive behavior when those blind spots are triggered. They will also have the information necessary so they can find their Fool and know how to become a Fool for someone they care about..


Paul Glover - Post-Pandemic Leadership Keynote / Workshop


The Post-Pandemic Formula for Elevating Employee Retention, Engagement & Performance

Attraction, Attention, Appreciation & Application. Based on my book WorkQuake™, this presentation explains how the pandemic forever changed the work environment and needs of the workforce and provides leaders with a pragmatic and realistic set of guidelines about how they can successfully lead in a post-pandemic world by creating meaningful relationships with their workforce.

By the end of this session, participants will understand the importance of creating meaningful relationships in their personal and professional lives and will have the tools necessary to build lasting relationships.



How to Union-Proof Your Organization

In a recent interview, Elon Musk said, “If Tesla gets unionized, it will be because we deserved it, and because we failed in some way.”
Musk was responding to the confluence of societal, workplace, and governmental conditions, signaling the beginning of a resurgence in union organizing not seen in decades.

Based on my experience as a union organizer, who convinced thousands of employees to become union members and, later, as a labor attorney, working with employers who opposed unionization of their employees, I have created this presentation to discuss:

  • Why the post-pandemic work environment is providing fertile grounds for union organizers
  • Why employees join a union
  • How to union-proof your organization while increasing employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention


Keynote on Relationship-Building - Paul Glover


Stop Fearing the F Bomb: Failure

Tired of playing it safe? This presentation challenges leaders to confront their fear of failure and see it as a springboard for innovation and growth.

In this presentation, Paul explores:

  • Why the fear of failure holds leaders back from taking calculated risks.
  • How reframing “failure” as a learning experience fosters a culture of experimentation and progress.
  • Practical strategies leaders can implement to create a safe space for failure and drive positive change.
  • How embracing the “F bomb” can lead to: Increased creativity and problem-solving; A more resilient and adaptable team; and Breakthrough innovations that drive success.
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Creating Sustainable Leadership for Turbulent Times

Sustainable leadership is the key to navigating turbulent times and leading teams to success.

The current business landscape is defined by constant change and uncertainty (VUCA) and leaders need to be equipped to navigate these challenges, ensuring their own well-being as well as the sustainability of their teams. This thought-provoking presentation describes the importance of sustainability and how to create sustainable leadership in any organization.

In this presentation, Paul explores:

  • The Impact of Turbulence: Reduced productivity, Decision paralysis, Employee turnover
  • The Pillars of Sustainable Leadership: Self-Awareness – Understand your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and values; Emotional Intelligence – Manage your own emotions and build strong relationships; Growth Mindset – How to see challenges as opportunities for learning and development; Resilience & Antifragility: Bounce back from setbacks and keep moving forward.
  • Building Self-Awareness: Techniques to gain deeper understanding – Self-reflection; Feedback from trusted colleagues and mentors; Strength assessments.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence: Self-management of emotions to avoid reactive behaviors; Social awareness of team dynamics and individual emotions; Relationship management based on trust and respect
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Mental Toughness: Embrace challenges as learning opportunities; Celebrate effort and progress, not just outcomes; View mistakes as stepping stones for improvement and success.
  • Building Resilience: Practices to enhance resilience – Prioritizing Self-Care; Building a strong support network; Maintaining a sense of purpose and focus.