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Making the Seismic Shift
to a "Knowledge Economy"

“WorkQuake™: Making the Seismic Shift to a Knowledge Economy highlights that the world of work is undergoing a seismic shift, as the post-pandemic knowledge economy replaces the traditional industrial economy.

Examining the key drivers of this change – globalization, technology, and the rise of the creative class – it explores the impact of the knowledge economy on the post-pandemic work environment and work force. It also discusses the implications for workers, businesses, and society, as a whole, and how organizations and individuals must adapt to thrive in the post-pandemic work environment.

Through a mix of case studies and practical advice, Glover, an executive coach, offers insights and strategies for individuals – the importance of lifelong learning, creativity, innovation – and organizations – embracing flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement – to succeed in the chaotic and ultra-competitive post-pandemic economy.

WorkQuake™ serves as a strong reminder that the world of work has changed dramatically and workers, managers and leaders must adapt to an evolving new reality.

WORKQUAKE - Leadership book by Paul Glover
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Everyone Needs a Fool in Their Life — Leadership Book by Paul Glover

Every Leader Needs
A Fool In Their Life

How Leaders Can Overcome Blind Spots, Triggers and Self-Destructive Behavior

In “Every Leader Needs a Fool in Their Life,” author and leadership coach Paul Glover addresses a crucial issue that hinders growth and development of leaders: the lack of awareness about the weaknesses in their leadership skill set. This lack of knowledge stems from positional authority, which creates a barrier to receiving honest feedback from others within the leader’s organization. This reluctance to accept the truth restrains both the leader and their organization from reaching their full potential.

Drawing from his own personal journey, as highlighted in his thought-provoking TEDx talk, “Everyone Needs a Fool in Their Life,” Glover emphasizes the importance of leaders having at least one Fool in their life – someone the leader respects and trusts, who genuinely cares enough to provide them with the gift of truth regarding their actions, decisions, and behavior. By having a Fool, leaders gain insights into their blind spots and triggers, which often exert a powerful influence on their leadership style.

Glover delves into the transformation process leaders must undergo before finding their Fool and forming their own Flock of Fools. Furthermore, Glover argues that once a leader has benefited from the guidance and support of their Fool, they have a moral obligation to pay it forward and become a Fool for someone they care about.

Every Leader Needs a Fool in Their Life” serves as a strong reminder that self-awareness, continuous improvement, and the support of trusted Fools are vital ingredients for effective post-pandemic leadership in any organization.