Meet Paul Glover

Keynote Speaker, Educator, Executive Coach, Author, “Recovering” Lawyer & Leadership Development Coach

Hi, I’m Paul

The No B.S. Leadership Legacy Coach, Master Story Teller and Thought Leader. Since my assumption is you’re reading this because you’re seeking a fantastic presenter for your audience, here’s where I impress you enough with my expertise and presenting skills to convince you to schedule a discussion with me and confirm why you want me entertaining, inspiring and educating your audience.

BTW:I realize providing you information about how good I am at entertaining, inspiring and educating audiences can seem arrogance and self-serving. So, I’ll quote Dizzy Dean, professional baseball player: “It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.” And, rather than do my own “backing up”, I’ll let my audiences do it for me (see Audiences Love Paul!). And I’m so sure your audience will also love me, I offer a No B.S Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that will be the case (see The No B.S. Guarantee!).

Now, more about me...

Why am I known as The No B.S. Leadership Legacy Coach, Master Story Teller and Thought Leader?

Because whether I’m coaching, speaking or writing, my audience receives valuable and in some cases transformative (see my presentation “Everyone Needs a Fool in Their Life“) – information delivered in a direct, pragmatic and action-oriented style – but with enough panache and humor so the audience is entertained and fully engaged.

How did I become a Master Story Teller?

By being a Federal Trial Lawyer for 25 years. After earning my law degree from DePaul University, I tried labor and employment cases before Federal Court juries for 25 years. I discovered that members of a jury only relate to an attorney’s client when the facts of the case are woven into a cohesive and persuasive narrative – an engaging story. And over my 25–year career as a successful trial lawyer, I developed the techniques that make me a Master Story Teller. This ability to weave relevant information into a compelling narrative fully engages and entertains my audiences and the impact of the presentation’s call to action creates positive change after your audience leaves your event.

As The No B.S. Leadership Legacy Coach, whom do I coach?

For 20 years have provided coaching for Executives and Leaders of organizations that generate up to $1 billion in annual revenue. My coaching programs focus on assisting these Executives and Leaders in creating a positive lifetime workplace legacy they will pass on to the leaders that come after them. My expertise as a leadership coach are verified by my coaching clients (check them out at PaulGloverCoaching.com) and the following credentials:

Paul Glover - Leadership / Resilience Speaker

What makes me a Thought Leader?

I’m an author. My book WorkQuake™: Making the Seismic Shift to a Knowledge Economy has been praised by Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world’s most accomplished and in-demand executive coaches and the million-selling author of the New York best sellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, “Like an earthquake shaking the foundations of homes built along its fault lines, Glover’s new book WorkQuake agitates the business status quo.” Click here to order my book.

I’m a writer whose articles on the Post-Pandemic Work Environment and skill sets Leaders need to lead a post-pandemic workforce have been published by Forbes, Brainz and Authority Magazines.

I’m a sought-after podcast guest who has been a guest on numerous business and leadership podcasts (view the list of podcasts by going to my Thought Leader page).

But enough about me (...and about time)!

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