Gallup’s latest employee engagement survey reveals employee engagement and trust in leadership are at historic lows. In the first quarter of 2024, only 30% of the workforce was engaged. Seventeen percent of employees were actively disengaged (this toxic group constitutes The Working Dead, employees who share their dissatisfaction with their job and dislike for their manager and the company they work for 8 hour of each work day. And, who should have been fired yesterday!). And 53% of employees are Quiet Quitters, doing just enough to not getting terminated.

But even more disturbing, Gallup’s trust survey shows that a staggering 77% of employees don’t trust their employers to care about their well-being in the work environment!

There is universal understanding that increasing employee engagement is essential for any Team’s success. Yet Team Leaders continue to ignore the fact that, before the post-pandemic workforce will begin to be more engaged, these “needs” must be continually met:

While there are other “needs” to be addressed, any Team Leader who is meeting the “needs” listed above is well on their way to creating a High Performance Work Team.

P.S.: Please list the “needs” I have not listed.